Pipe Fusion

We have the experienced personnel to complete all of your pipe fusion needs. Our service personnel are certified and trained in the proper procedures for using butt fusion and electrofusion to form joints that effectively turn two pieces of pipe into a single piece of pipe. Pipe fusion is used as a means of connecting pieces, bends and adapters in canal or sewer bypass projects, storm/wastewater projects, irrigation and agricultural projects, and projects requiring HDPE pipes.

During the pipe fusion process, the two ends of the pipe being fused are held together with a machine that keeps them stationary, while a heater plate is placed between them. Once the required temperature is reached, the heater plate is removed and the two ends of the pipe are held together under pressure until they have cooled. Joints that have been properly fused have strength characteristics comparable to pipe itself.

Butt Fusion & Electro Fusion

2″ to 24″ Diameter

Natural Gas Certified

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